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Re-skilling/New Hire Boot Camps

An effective Boot Camp for an adult learner combines multiple education delivery methods to create the highest quality results.

LearnQuest’s objective is for students to graduate from the Boot Camp having acquired the same core skillset and with the ability to productively apply that knowledge to their project assignments. LearnQuest offers Java/J2EE and .Net re-skilling boot camps. LearnQuest’s Distributed Systems Re-skilling Boot Camp includes the following key components:



LearnQuest offers a multi-level assessment program designed to measure both student progress throughout the Boot Camp and the retention of subject matter during the post- training period. LearnQuest offers both web-based and pen and paper assessments.

Technology Learning Seminars

Technology Overviews and Learning Sessions can be scheduled prior to the kickoff of each Boot Camp. During these brief sessions, the basic concept and structure for the Boot Camp and a general overview of the technology and topics is presented . This “pre-training” activity provides each student with a base level familiarity of the concepts and language they will encounter in detail during the Boot Camp. It also provides direction for self-study before the Boot Camp. The Technology Overview sessions may be delivered 2-3 weeks prior to the start of the Boot Camp.

Classroom Instructor-Led Training

During the lecture portion of the class, students are encouraged to ask questions and to bring real-life scenarios into the discussion. Students have an opportunity to make a connection between theory and application, associating the new material to the technology in which they are currently skilled.

LearnQuest provides the most effective, comprehensive, and successful approach to Re-skilling IT professionals currently available to IT Departments.

Cumulative Life-Cycle Project Work

LearnQuest provides a project for the students to work on throughout the boot camp or offers the option to create an example using company-specific documents to detail requirements that will be designed and implemented in the class exercises. The participants will be able to implement a system using company-specific standards and documents as opposed to generic exercises to solidify concepts.

Blended Learning

LearnQuest offers a blended learning approach leveraging either a client’s e-learning library or the use of LearnQuest custom e-Learning content.

Project Mentoring

Following the completion of the classroom training, LearnQuest offers project mentoring to support the students working on their initial projects. LearnQuest has extensive experience in one-on-one and project group mentoring. By scheduling post-training project mentoring, LearnQuest instructors work with the students on an actual deliverable under the guidance of an experienced professional. Mentoring can be scheduled full-time, or at set intervals of a project timeline.

Target Audience

LearnQuest can adjust the content and duration to accommodate the specific backgrounds of the participants. The three types of students are as follows:

  • Current Mainframe (Procedural) Developers
  • Current Client Server (Object Oriented) Developers
  • Any Student showing aptitude in information systems by holding a degree in a related computer science field -- but may have no experience in IS development

The LearnQuest Distributed Systems Re-skilling Boot Camp is based on effective adult-learning principles, and as such, includes lab exercises, course material aligned examples, class discussion, homework readings, and total student engagement as key components of the learning process.

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