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Learning Design & Development

LearnQuest utilizes cutting edge tools and techniques to provide custom learning solutions designed to meet each client's unique goals and objectives, on time and within budget.

2020 Top 20 Training Industry Company - IT Training

By combining superior project management, tools, and processes with talented and creative designers, LearnQuest delivers high-quality learning solutions according to the client's preference of tools, media, industry, interactivity levels, and delivery modalities.

Blended Solutions

Our blended approach combines the appropriate learning modalities, development technologies, design process, and delivery mechanisms to produce learning solutions that that help increase employee productivity, improve performance, boost strategy, and achieve business goals.

E-learning, virtual training, classroom, reference materials, lab exercises, performance support aids, train-the-trainer classes and more can be blended together to provide a learning solution that meets every environment and learning style.

As part of LearnQuest's learning design and development methodology, we analyze all aspects of learning to develop a customized training solution that best fits the unique needs of each client.

Custom e-Learning

Some learning solutions require more complex content creation with higher levels of interactivity to engage the learner, such as simulations and gaming. LearnQuest employs a team of highly-skilled developers and graphic designers to create a seamless end product.

LearnQuest has the unique ability to quickly develop eLearning solutions by leveraging our internal library consisting of thousands of "off-the-shelf" instructor-led and web-based courses. We begin with existing source content and customize it to recognizable, client-focused workflows, screens, and terminology; this way, learners can quickly come up to speed with new technologies and concepts and perform their job with increased productivity.

Learning Labs

A key element of success is the ability to practice-and make mistakes-in a safe environment. LearnQuest utilizes self-paced hosted labs that can be incorporated into a blended training package. Our Learning Lab options provide a flexible solution by delivering 24/7 lab access with a convenient platform that eliminates setup time and reduces travel and facility expenses.

Social Media

Employees all have expertise to share. Providing channels through social learning to both create networks and eliminate geographical barriers, fosters an environment for continuous collaboration and productivity.

As part of the needs analysis for a custom learning project, client social media capabilities are designed into the solution.

Mobile Platforms

Employees need access to information beyond the work environment, and having that information available via mobile devices contributes to increased performance. LearnQuest utilizes cutting edge technology to convert learning solutions, create custom applications, and also make support documentation accessible on multiple platforms.

Instructor-Led Training

LearnQuest has a vast library of off-the-shelf, proprietary, instructor-led content that can be leveraged for ILT delivery, eLearning development, job aids, and other project deliverables. Our in-house expertise and industry leading training content can help jump-start any custom learning project.

Competency Building

At the program level, we establish learning strategies that harness all learning spaces in the employee's environment. The goal is to ensure a competent and productive employee. Examples include:

  • Competency-based job roles and learning maps
  • Learning paths toward industry certification
  • Creation and administration of internal, job-role based certifications
  • Project mentoring


Evaluation is a key component of any training program and can take on many different forms, including:

  • Reinforcing concepts through the administration of knowledge checks
  • Documenting understanding via assessments
  • Implementing certification programs to drive competency growth
  • Calculating improved employee performance and the impact of training

We partner with our clients to define the appropriate evaluation criteria, develop and administer the evaluations, gather the necessary metrics, and finally, produce reports and dashboards that can be used to both monitor and improve the learning program.

Performance Support

Training events are only one component of a learning solutions that supports employee performance. We evaluate the post-training workspace and help align all available training resources so that they are ready to support the employee on the job. Examples of performance support as part of an overall learning program include:

  • Reviewing and aligning existing job aids with the training program
  • Creating video mentor job aids from eLearning demonstrations and simulations
  • Providing custom help and support landing pages that direct employees to formal and informal learning as well as performance support content

Knowledge Management

One of the key challenges in a large reskilling program is finding the right course, document, or video at the time it is needed.

Our complete learning program approach also focuses on providing accurate and organized access to key learning assets. By analyzing the available client delivery mechanisms and factoring them into the learning program, we help employees achieve success by providing them with easy access to the resources they need to effectively perform their job functions.

Client Engagement

LearnQuest understands that a successful training program extends beyond content development, which is why we offer clients consulting service options. With our client engagement model, we collaborate with all stakeholders, we take the time to listen to clients and understand their particular culture, internal processes, and learning infrastructure.

Engagement Model

LearnQuest is a full-service training provider. We are able to engage with our clients in many different ways, based on the project demands and client needs, including:

  • Full, end-to-end, project development from needs analysis to deployment
  • Role-specific consultants to assist with project staffing needs (Project Managers, Instructional Designers, Content Developers, Graphic Artists, Editorial Reviewers)
  • Leveraging our internal content library to jump-start content development and move projects to completion quickly
  • Blending all aspects of training program deployment (Instructor-led, eLearning, Assessments, Enrollments, etc.)

Return on Investment

We understand that a learning program must provide value to the organization and comes in several forms:

  • Improved employee performance
  • Affordability
  • Sustainable and maintainable

When analyzing client needs, our central goal is to provide the most cost-effective and appropriate training solution to meet the needs of the program.

We consider how the content will be consumed, how often it will change, where employees are located, and what delivery mechanisms will be leveraged to propose a solution that provides the highest Return On Investment (ROI) to the client possible.

Design Process

Our primary business model is focused on partnering with our clients to design and develop blended learning programs, and we therefore are experienced in adapting to each of our client's internal design processes.

Each client has a dedicated LearnQuest Project Manager assigned for communication and planning.

LearnQuest uses an iterative design and development process based on the popular ADDIE model when clients prefer to use our process for a program.

Consulting Services

As a total learning solution provider, we are able to design and develop learning programs from Analysis through Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation. Examples of client engagements include:

  • End-to-end program and project management
  • Instructional design and development consulting
  • Instructor-led delivery
  • Formal and informal learning development and delivery
  • Performance Support
  • Learning portals and customized catalogs
  • Enrollment, evaluations, metrics, and reporting

To learn more about Learning Design & Development, please contact us at info@learnquest.com or call 877-206-0106.

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Need more Information?

Speak with our training specialists to continue your learning journey.


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