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Managed Learning Services

Managed Learning Services

Achieve operational efficiency, more insights on training expenses, and better quality of training with the right partner to manage your learning needs.

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Optimized Managed Learning Services for your Business

Organizations currently often work with dozens of different training providers from all over the world. In order to reduce complexity, it's imperative to streamline administrative processes. Their training system needs to meet their business's demands for continuity, efficiency, and quality of training.

The LearnQuest Managed Learning Services (MLS) model helps large organizations minimize redundancies, improve efficiencies, and achieve significant savings on their training spend.

Through our unique platform, your organization can simplify its learning ecosystem, streamline processes, and improve employees' training experiences. Our experienced team handles everything for you, from training proposals to requests, tracking, reports, and visibility on learning outcomes.

MLS Model

Our MLS Model

The LearnQuest Managed Learning Services (MLS) model facilitates and manages your organization's entire training process and related activities. We aggregate all your training demands and manage multiple suppliers in our centralized technology platform. It's accessible for you at any time, with all the functionality to request, access, and report on learning and procurement systems.

With a streamlined and global way to request learning, you can easily track your requests, get fast responses, simplify and save on training expenses, and get real-time, customized reporting and visibility on training outcomes.

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What are the Leading Elements of our MLS?

  • Supplier Consolidation A standardized process for registering and approving employees for enrollment in any training.
  • Tailored Registration & Enrollment Streamlined efficiency, productivity, and fully integrated downstream partners while improving process flows and ensuring compliance with your terms and conditions.
  • Integrated Portals Our portals make it easy to search or train, register and create reports to fit your organization’s specific needs. Our technology integrates with your LMS and Procurement systems.
  • Insightful Reporting Improved insights with comprehensive reporting highlighting quality, spending, performance, curriculum tracking, exams & more.
  • Multiple Delivery Solutions We offer a variety of custom or blended training solutions aligned to topic areas, job roles, business needs, and strategic programs offered in various modalities, including in-classroom, virtual, and on-demand.
  • Comprehensive Catalog & Assessments Spanning across all vendor and topic areas, our extensive catalog of courses and assessments ensures that your organization gets the necessary training leading to certifications based on your company's specific business needs.
  • Global Customer Service and Trainer Pool Support teams located in AMER, EMEA, and APAC provide local real-time sales, customer service, and trainer management.
MLS Model

The Main Benefits of LearnQuest's MLS Model

Our proven process and techniques ensure organizations have:

  • Reduced number of training suppliers and price points
  • Training delivered via LearnQuest, as well as the client’s existing strategic suppliers
  • Support learning in over 25 languages
  • Regionally-based customer service teams throughout the world
  • Customized Client Portals integrated with your existing Learning Management System
  • Extensive catalog of IT, business, and vendor offerings that can be augmented with client courses
  • Comprehensive & customizable reporting based on your requirements (spending, quality, performance, etc.)
  • Sub-tiering/brokering services to integrate your current vendors
  • Sourcing solutions for training requirements
  • Cost savings with volume discounts, rebates, and other benefits

Let's work together!

No matter where in the world you need training, we can provide it both directly and with a supplier base in multiple languages, creating consistency and standardized training for your employees worldwide.

Optimize business processes, increase ROI, and improve the quality of training with LearnQuest Managed Learning Services.

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