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Mainframe (System z) Training

Mainframe systems are used by corporate and government entities for large-scale applications requiring higher performance, cost-efficiency, and security. Reliability, availability, serviceability (RAS), virtualization, input-output facilities, and longevity are attributes of the Mainframe design.

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Mainframe Training Solutions

LearnQuest has over 30 years of extensive experience providing mainframe training to corporate and government clients representing a broad range of verticals. These services include:

  • A targeted portfolio of courseware featuring the in-demand languages and programs to be used with Mainframe computers, such as COBOL, JCL, DB2, CICS and more.
  • Role-based training journeys for mainframe computer operators, systems’ programmers and application developers.
  • Comprehensive boot camps and reskilling programs designed to reskill existing IT professionals and onboard new hires to the mainframe environment. For more details on these programs, please refer to the following page.

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LearnQuest works with clients to provide reskilling programs that solve real business problems and produce real results:

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Comments from students about the course and instructor:

  • “Good course structure, understandable and well processed materials.”
  • “We’re extremely satisfied with the instructor as he was able to answer even the questions related to our production environment which is really helpful.”
  • “High focus on lab exercises.”
  • “Thing I liked about the training: presentation material for both course content as well as lab exercises and also the instructor.”
  • “Instructor appears to be expert in the relevant area, good presentation skills, I highly appreciate his guidance during practical exercises.”

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