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30+ Years of Mainframe Training

The LearnQuest System Programmer Boot Camp Program also features several professional services that address the Curriculum, Instructor, and Client/Learner requirements.

System Programmer Bootcamp

Let LearnQuest do what we do best: train your employees in Mainframe technologies. The LearnQuest System Programmer boot camp focuses on the fundamental skills needed to perform duties as a systems programmer for mainframe systems. In general the system programmer role focuses on installing and maintaining the system software, managing the installation, performing overall maintenance, tuning and resolving problems regarding the operating system. Our System Programmer Boot Camp has several key differentials.

A Blended Approach to Training

Our core program consists of the skills needed such as ISPF, z/OS, SMP/E commands, HMC operations, JCL training etc. We will review the topics with you, and if needed remove, add or modify any topics based on your organization's environment.

Core Subjects

z/OS Facilities (ES15G)

z/OS System Services Structure (ES20G)

SMP/E for z/OS Workshop (ES26G)

z/OS REXX Programming Workshop (ES52G)

IBM System z Hardware Management Console (HMC) Operations

Parallel Sysplex Implementation Workshop (ES42G)

IBM System z Parallel Sysplex Operations (ES73G)

Basic z/OS Tuning Using the Workload Manager (ES54G)

Optional Subjects

Advanced z OS Performance: WLM, Sysplex, UNIX Services, z Systems (ES85G)

Parallel Sysplex Implementation Workshop (ES42G)

IBM System z Hardware Management Console (HMC) Operations (ES24G)

z/OS Management Facility Implementation and Use (ESB1G)

z/OS Management Facility Implementation and Use (ESB3G)

Assembler Language Coding Workshop (ES34G)

Advanced Assembler Language Coding Workshop (ES35G)

If your staff needs training in other tools/technologies not listed here, we can usually incorporate it into the boot camp. In short, let us know your training needs and we will do everything possible to meet them.

Curriculum Features include:

  • Hands-on labs and exercises
  • Instructor and student mentoring and coaching
  • A blended learning solution that steadily builds upon topics
  • Progress/Mastery assessments are given once a week
  • An in-house developed Learning Management System designed to maintain all aspects of a boot camp, including registration/enrollment, assessments, and document management.

The 7 week Program

  • Weeks 1-3: During the first three weeks, students acquire basic skills with respect to z/OS
  • Weeks 4-5: Moving along, the student learns additional commends and operating procedures
  • Weeks 6-7: The last weeks are dedicated to Parallel Sysplex operations

The LearnQuest System Programmer Boot Camp Program also features several professional services that address the Curriculum, Instructor, and Client/Learner requirements:

Pre-Training Technology Overview and Learning Seminars

Technology Overviews and Learning Sessions are scheduled prior to the boot camp kickoff. This "pre-training" activity provides each student a basic level of familiarity in the concepts, topics covered, boot camp structure, and direction for self-study prior to the start of the boot camp.

Cumulative Lifecycle Project Work

LearnQuest provides a project for the students to work on throughout the boot camp, or they can create an example using company-specific documents.

Project Mentoring

LearnQuest offers project mentoring to support the students working on their initial projects. LearnQuest can provide one-on-one and project group mentoring. Post-training project mentoring allows LearnQuest instructors to work with the students on an actual deliverable under the guidance of an experienced professional.

Delivery Options

The System Programmer's Boot Camp can be delivered in your office using your resources, or if you'd like, LearnQuest can provide the entire mainframe training environment. The latter alternative means your IT staff does not have to do any preparation work, and so, more than 75% of our mainframe clients prefer to use LearnQuest provided environments.

Alternatively, LearnQuest's patented Virtual Delivery platform allows the students to listen and talk with the instructor and connect to either your mainframe or ours from anywhere in the world. Our Virtual Delivery platform offers the same experience as if the students and instructor were in the same classroom; however, it eliminates the travel, associated expenses, and your training room utilization.

Ideal training candidate include new hires to the organization along with existing employees who lacked prior IT experience

Doubt whether a person can become proficient in just a few weeks of training? Don't. We've prepared thousands of students over the years, and the full immersion in all things Mainframe, really makes the difference!

Summary of Benefits of LearnQuest's Boot Camp

For the learner

  • One-on-one mentoring
  • Longer duration to grasp new concepts and apply them to industry-related projects
  • Successful return and integration to the workplace
  • Development of peer-to-peer relationships
  • Each course builds upon the preceding course's concepts to provide continuity
  • Real-time feedback and assessment to evaluate their progress
  • Accountability for their participation, testing, and required course deliverables
  • Unlimited access to the instructor throughout the boot camp

For the client

  • Immediate feedback in the form of conference calls, test results, and progress reports
  • Guardianship over students' learning process
  • Better equipped to make key decisions regarding future staffing and performance management
  • Firsthand knowledge of individual learner's strengths, technical abilities, and capacity for future growth
  • LearnQuest's recognition of the importance of this long-term commitment and the value of the client's investment
  • Traditional, Instructor-Led and Virtual Training Delivery Modalities

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