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Red Hat Training Courses

Obtain the necessary training and guidance along your Red Hat learning path with our Red Hat authorized training classes. We help you develop your skills and assist your organization in reducing downtime and maximizing potential with everything from Linux training to Ansible and Open Shift certifications.

Red Hat Training Partner

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Red Hat's comprehensive training catalog equips IT professionals with the latest skills to thrive in today's complex landscape. With topics spanning cloud, containers, automation, and more, these Red Hat courses unlock the technologies and methodologies driving innovation.

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Red Hat Training and Certification - 1

The Power of Red Hat

Red Hat stands as a premier provider of open source software solutions, renowned for its dependable and high-performance technologies. They offer an array of products and services, including the industry-leading enterprise Linux platform, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and an extensive portfolio of open hybrid cloud technologies.

Committed to open-source principles and community-powered innovation, Red Hat aids businesses in streamlining operations, reducing costs, and enhancing agility, thereby equipping them for the future of IT.

Red Hat Training and Certification - 2

Skill Up Your Team with Red Hat Training from LearnQuest

Staying competitive requires continuously developing your team's skills. LearnQuest, a leading Red Hat Training Partner, provides comprehensive certification and hands-on training in the latest Red Hat technologies.

Through LearnQuest's rigorous training in Linux, cloud, automation, and more, your technical staff will master high-demand Red Hat skills quickly. The curriculum aligns tightly with RHCSA, RHCE, and other certification exam objectives.

With LearnQuest's expert instruction and performance-based labs, your professionals will gain real-world expertise to apply immediately. Invest in upskilling your team with LearnQuest's cutting-edge Red Hat training and certification.

Tailored Red Hat Training and Certification for Businesses and Organizations

Recognized Excellence and Tailored Red Hat Training

Equip your team with cutting-edge skills and gain a competitive edge with LearnQuest. As a recognized leader in Red Hat training and certification, we offer customized programs to meet your organization's specific needs.

Our hands-on courses and challenging labs ensure your professionals master the latest Red Hat technologies. Backed by expert instructors, your team will gain real-world expertise to stay ahead.

We are honored to be the 2022 Red Hat Ready Training Partner of the Year and the 2021 Red Hat Ready Training Partner and Sales Rep of the Year. These accolades highlight our commitment to delivering premier training that helps organizations excel.

For tailored Red Hat courses crafted for your team, partner with LearnQuest. Develop specialized skills to stand out in your industry. Contact our training advisors today to get started.

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Red Hat Training Subscriptions

Get quick and effective Red Hat training through a learning subscription. Access on-demand courses across the Red Hat portfolio, along with cloud labs, exams, and early access to new content.

With a 7-day free trial, preview the learning portal, sample course chapters, and get 1 hour of cloud lab access. Red Hat training subscriptions provide flexible, self-paced learning to help you succeed with Red Hat technologies.

See subscription options and available Red Hat courses to keep your skills current. As an authorized Red Hat partner, we invite you to experience the benefits of Red Hat training subscriptions.

Learn more about Red Hat training subscriptions and start your free trial today.

Red Hat Training and Certification - 3

Unlock Red Hat Insights with the Webinar Series

The Red Hat Webinar Series provides an interactive learning experience for IT professionals at any level seeking to leverage Red Hat solutions. Led by industry experts, each webinar delivers practical knowledge on topics like Red Hat Training & Certification, Ansible, Kubernetes, DevOps, and more.

Through real-world insights, overviews of Red Hat offerings, and Q&A sessions, participants will be equipped with the skills to effectively implement Red Hat in their roles. The webinars highlight how Red Hat Training can enrich careers and boost organizational efficiency.

Whether you're new to open source or an experienced IT leader, the Red Hat Webinar Series serves as an invaluable stepping stone for mastering Red Hat technologies and advancing skills. Join to gain knowledge directly from the experts.

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Jumpstart Your Red Hat Skills with Free Training

LearnQuest provides an ideal starting point for your Red Hat journey with free authorized introductory courses. These on-demand online classes allow both beginners and experienced users to build core competency across essential topics like Red Hat Enterprise Linux, virtualization, automation, containers, and more.

By sampling LearnQuest's trusted training curriculum at no cost, you can kickstart your knowledge with top-notch instruction in foundational Red Hat technologies. Take advantage of these free courses to jumpstart your skills today before pursuing advanced certification and training.

Browse our full catalog of free Red Hat courses to enroll and get started.

Free Red Hat Training Resources at LearnQuest

Learn more about Red Hat topics by exploring our extensive library of free articles, webinars, white papers, and case studies.

Safeguard, Protect, and Manage with OpenShift Platform Plus

Safeguard, Protect, and Manage with OpenShift Platform Plus

Explore Red Hat OpenShift Platform Plus, a hybrid cloud platform with built-in security. Learn to build, deploy, and manage applications at scale.

Ansible Automation Platform 2.2: Simplifying the Management of your IT Ecosystem

Ansible Automation Platform 2.2: Simplifying the Management of your IT Ecosystem

Automate IT ops with ease using Red Hat’s Ansible Automation Platform. Simplify workflows & learn the basics quickly with our comprehensive introduction.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are Here to Stay: 3 Reasons why You Should Adapt Now

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are Here to Stay: 3 Reasons why You Should Adapt Now

Discover the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning for your organization.

5 Reasons Your Organization Needs Data Training and Certification for Employees

5 Reasons Your Organization Needs Data Training and Certification for Employees

One way to ensure that your employees possess the necessary skills is through training and certification programs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What kinds of Red Hat training does LearnQuest offer?

    LearnQuest provides comprehensive Red Hat training including Linux, virtualization, cloud, containers, automation with Ansible, middleware, storage, and more. We offer courses for certifications like RHCSA, RHCE, and RHCA.

  • How do I become Red Hat certified?

    To get certified, you need to take authorized training to prepare, then pass the required hands-on performance exam(s). LearnQuest offers training courses designed to help you master skills for RHCSA, RHCE, and other Red Hat certs.

  • What are the benefits of Red Hat certification?

    Red Hat certification validates your skills with Red Hat technologies like Enterprise Linux and OpenShift. It demonstrates expertise to employers and can improve job prospects, salary, and career advancement.

  • Why choose LearnQuest for Red Hat training?

    As an award-winning Red Hat Ready training partner, LearnQuest provides:

    • Official Red Hat curriculum and labs
    • Expert instructors with real-world experience
    • Flexible online and classroom training options
    • Custom corporate training solutions
    • Hands-on performance exam prep
  • What is Red Hat Ansible Certification?

    Red Hat offers several Ansible certifications including RHCE-Ansible and RHCA-Ansible. LearnQuest provides official training to prepare for the exams, teaching skills like automation, configuration management, and deployments.

  • How long does it take to complete Red Hat training?

    Self-paced online courses allow you to learn at your own pace. Instructor-led classes are typically 3-5 days. Those pursuing certification should plan for an additional 30-40 hours of hands-on practice.

  • How can I get started with Red Hat training?

    Contact a LearnQuest training advisor at 877-206-0106 or info@learnquest.com. We will recommend the right courses and formats to achieve your Red Hat learning goals.


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Need more Information?

Speak with our training specialists to continue your learning journey.


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