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Six Sigma Training Courses

Advance your organization with our Six Sigma training and certification. Our comprehensive courses equip professionals at all levels with the in-demand skills to optimize processes, improve quality, and boost efficiency. Expert-led training tailored to your needs provides the tools to drive change.

Course List

  • Featured Course

    Black Belt


    This LSS Black Belt Training course is designed to provide students with a detailed level of knowledge of Lean Six Sigma, . . .

    • Duration: 20 Days
    • ??schedule-class-word??: ??schedule-class-word??
    • Delivery Format: Classroom
    • Price: ??price??


    Classroom Certification Prep Black Belt
  • Featured Course

    Green Belt


    5-Day class, builds process definition & analysis and basic statistical skills associated with Green Belt role in participating . . .

    • Duration: 5 Days
    • ??schedule-class-word??: ??schedule-class-word??
    • Delivery Format: Classroom
    • Price: ??price??


    Classroom Certification Prep Green Belt
  • Featured Course

    Green Belt Light


    This is a 3-Day class that focuses on just the essentials of DMAIIC and basic tools used to identify and analyze business . . .

    • Duration: 3 Days
    • Scheduled Classes : 5 Scheduled Classes
    • Delivery Format: Classroom
    • Price: ??price??


    Classroom 5 Essentials Green Belt Light
  • Featured Course

    Six Sigma Yellow Belt


    • Duration: 5 Days
    • ??schedule-class-word??: ??schedule-class-word??
    • Delivery Format: Classroom, Virtual
    • Price: ??price??


    Classroom, Virtual Six Sigma Six Sigma Yellow Belt
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Six Sigma Training and Certification Courses - 1

What is Six Sigma?

Six Sigma is a disciplined methodology for eliminating defects and variability in business and manufacturing processes. Developed by Motorola in 1986, it uses statistical tools and techniques to identify and solve problems. The goal is to reduce defects to less than 3.4 issues per million opportunities, as represented by the Greek letter sigma.

The name comes from this statistical target. To achieve it, Six Sigma follows a data-driven approach called DMAIC - Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control. Cross-functional teams are trained to gather data, pinpoint root causes using statistical analysis, and implement changes to improve quality and efficiency. When applied rigorously, Six Sigma boosts customer satisfaction, productivity, and financial performance across industries from manufacturing to healthcare. Its reliance on data analytics to drive process improvements sets Six Sigma apart.

Six Sigma Training and Certification Courses - 2

Why Six Sigma Training Delivers Real Business Benefits

Six Sigma training delivers valuable benefits for companies and employees. It provides team members with problem-solving toolsets to tackle pressing business issues and builds data analysis skills for smarter decisions. In addition, Six Sigma training offers numerous advantages:

  • Equips employees with statistical, analytical, project management, and leadership skills
  • Develops capabilities to identify and eliminate defects and reduce costs
  • Drives continuous improvement through data-driven analysis of processes
  • Builds capabilities to boost quality, customer satisfaction, and financial performance
  • Provides experience leading structured improvement projects with measurable ROI
  • Creates data-literate culture focused on evidence-based decision making
  • Develops in-house experts to lead future improvement initiatives
  • Enhances employee capabilities and productivity through upskilling

Unlock Your Organization's Potential with Custom Six Sigma Training

Six Sigma training turbocharges business efficiency. By teaching employees to systematically eliminate defects and reduce variability, it transforms quality and productivity across operations. Professionals learn to apply Six Sigma's data-driven management techniques for optimizing processes. The rigorous methodology equips them with skills to tackle complex business challenges through statistical analysis and innovative solutions.

The training benefits every role involved in delivering products or services, including engineers, IT professionals, project managers, and executives. Attendees gain expertise in Six Sigma principles to drive smarter decisions and process improvements. They also acquire valuable certifications to advance their careers.

With its proven framework for increasing speed while reducing costs and errors, Six Sigma training unlocks game-changing performance gains. Employees emerge as highly skilled, analytic problem-solvers equipped to boost efficiency. Companies experience better productivity, higher ROI on training investments, and powerful competitive advantages.

Ready to achieve breakthrough gains in quality, efficiency, and output? Contact us to begin leveraging Six Sigma training for your organization.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Six Sigma?

    Six Sigma is a disciplined methodology for eliminating defects and variability in business processes. It relies on statistical analysis and a data-driven approach to improve quality and efficiency.

  • What does the name 'Six Sigma' mean?

    The name comes from the statistical target of achieving no more than 3.4 defects per million opportunities. This is represented by the Greek letter sigma.

  • What does Six Sigma training teach?

    Six Sigma training provides professionals with problem-solving toolsets, statistical and analytical skills, project management capabilities, and expertise in the DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control) method.

  • Who benefits from Six Sigma training?

    Any professional involved in developing, manufacturing, or delivering products and services can benefit. This includes engineers, IT staff, project managers, quality control specialists, and executives.

  • What are the benefits of Six Sigma training for employees?

    Employees gain valuable certifications, enhanced technical and leadership abilities, experience running structured improvement projects, and skills in data analysis, critical thinking, and decision making.

  • How does Six Sigma training benefit organizations?

    It develops internal quality improvement capabilities, boosts productivity and efficiency, reduces costs and errors, increases customer satisfaction, and provides a competitive advantage.

  • What are the different training levels?

    Courses are available for different expertise levels, including White Belt, Yellow Belt, Green Belt, Black Belt, and Master Black Belt certifications.

  • What skills or experience are required to take a course?

    No prior Six Sigma experience is required. Some statistical knowledge can be helpful for advanced courses. Training is designed for a broad range of professionals.

  • What delivery formats are available?

    We offer classroom training, live online courses, on-demand online modules, and customized corporate training.

  • Can training be customized for our organization?

    Yes, we can tailor training content, projects, and examples to your specific goals, industry, and processes.

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Need more Information?

Speak with our training specialists to continue your learning journey.


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