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Mastering the Spring Framework Using Eclipse and JBoss Training

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This course is designed to provide the skills that experienced Java Developers need in order to understand what the Spring Framework is in terms of today's systems and architectures, and how to use Spring in conjunction with other technologies and frameworks.

This is an intermediate level course.


Upon completion of the course, students will be able to:
  • Explain the issues associated with complex frameworks such as J2EE and how Spring addresses those issues
  • Describe the relationships between Spring and J2EE, AOP, IOC, JDBC, Hibernate, JSF, Struts, JMS and EJBs
  • Discuss the challenges to adopting Spring
  • Write applications that take advantage of the Spring container and the declarative nature of assembling simple components into applications
  • Apply various options for integrating persistence into a Spring application
  • Employ Spring's support for transactions
  • List and work with various options for integrating view-oriented frameworks for web applications into Spring. Frameworks that are examined include Spring MVC, JSF and Struts
  • Integrate JMS into the Spring framework
  • Work with and/or implement EJBs using Spring

  • Java Developers
  • Object-Oriented Programmers

  • Basic experience in Java development or
  • An introductory level Java course

  1. Introduction to the Spring Framework
    • Inversion of control
    • Dependency injection
    • Spring overview
    • Spring application architectures
    • Spring container
      • Managing the container
      • Access to services and resources
      • Application contexts
    • Beans as components
      • Beans and factories
      • XML bean configuration
      • Bean definition and dependencies
      • Bean lifecycle
    • Customization options
      • Post-processors
      • Property editors
  2. Spring and Persistence
    • Data access pattern
    • Overview of persistence layer and transactions
    • Spring JDBC
      • Spring JDBC architecture
      • Working with JDBC template
      • Database operations
      • Handling JDBC exceptions
    • Hibernate
      • Spring - Hibernate architecture
      • ORM mapping overview
      • DAO implementation
      • Working with Hibernate DAOs in Spring
      • Hibernate template
  3. Spring and Transactions
    • Transaction overview
    • Spring transactions
    • Defining Spring transactions
    • Working with demarcation
    • Managing Spring transactions
  4. Spring and Extensibility
    • AOP concepts
    • Spring's AOP framework
    • Interceptor chain
    • Integration with Spring container
    • Working with proxies
  5. Spring and the Web
    • Spring/Web framework architecture
    • Spring MVC (optional)
      • Spring MVC architecture
      • Spring MVC components
      • Spring MVC flow
      • Dispatcher and controllers
      • Handlers and mappings
      • Interceptors
    • Spring and Struts (optional)
      • Spring/Struts architecture
      • Integrating Struts into Spring
    • Spring and JSF (optional)
      • Spring/JSF architecture
      • Integrating JSF into Spring
  6. Spring and the Enterprise
    • JMS overview
    • Spring/JMS architecture
    • JMS template
    • EJB overview (optional)
    • Using EJBs in Spring (optional)
      • Finding the EJBs using JNDI
      • Using session EJBs from Spring
    • Implementing EJBs (optional)
      • Spring's EJB implementation overview
      • Spring and session EJBs
      • Spring and MDBs


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