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Cloud Credential Council Training Courses

Get new insights, knowledge, and skills with a Cloud Credential Council Certification in Big Data, Cloud & IoT with our Cloud Credential Council training courses.

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Master critical cloud competencies through our intuitive certification curriculum. Our bite-sized topics allow efficient learning of core and advanced skills to guide your cloud mastery journey.

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Cloud Credential Council Training and Certification Courses - 1

Reach New Heights in the Cloud with CCC

The Cloud Credential Council (CCC) offers the leading vendor-neutral cloud certifications. CCC's rigorous programs validate expertise across major cloud platforms, roles, and technologies. By earning a CCC certification, you demonstrate your commitment to excellence and prove you have the real-world cloud skills employers need.

As a CCC Authorized Training Partner, LearnQuest provides expert instruction to prepare you for CCC certification exams. Our experienced cloud instructors deliver interactive online, onsite, and self-paced training. We also provide hands-on labs and practice tests to set you up for success. Trust LearnQuest and CCC to take your cloud career to new heights.

Cloud Credential Council Training and Certification Courses - 2

Why Train and Certify with CCC?

CCC cloud certifications offer many advantages for organizations and their employees:

  • Validates In-House Expertise - Proves cloud capabilities to leadership.
  • Prepares for Cloud Initiatives - Develops skills to support adoption and migration.
  • Enables Effective Utilization - Maximizes value of cloud investments.
  • Reduces Risk - Confirms staff have needed competencies.
  • Facilitates Collaboration - Provides common cloud language and understanding.
  • Demonstrates Commitment - Shows investment in team development.
  • Streamlines Hiring - Identifies candidates with proven cloud skills.
  • Retains Talent - Offers growth opportunities to staff.
  • Future-Proofs Skills - Keeps pace with latest technologies.
Cloud Credential Council Training and Certification Courses - 3

CCC Certifications

CCC certifications validate in-demand cloud skills across platforms, providers, and roles:

  • Blockchain FoundationTM Certification covers blockchain's business applications, an overview of the technology, and cryptocurrencies as a blockchain use case.
  • Big Data FoundationTM Certification provides an understanding of big data sources, mining, and tools for solving business problems.
  • Internet of Things FoundationTM Certification provides understanding, insights and key components of IoT.
  • Artificial Intelligence FoundationTM Certification provides understanding, insights and key components of AI.
  • Cloud Technology AssociateTM Certification validates cloud skills and knowledge to work in cloud-enabled organizations as a cornerstone credential.
  • Cloud Technology Associate+TM Certification explores advanced cloud concepts and latest technologies.
  • Professional Cloud AdministratorTM Certification enables admins to effectively operate in the cloud, covering practical hands-on cloud provisioning.
  • Professional Cloud DeveloperTM Certification evaluates expertise in cloud development patterns, APIs, security, and more.
  • Professional Cloud Service ManagerTM Certification takes a practical approach to managing cloud services covering roles, design, DevOps, and impact on IT operations.
  • Professional Cloud Solutions ArchitectTM Certification provides insights into cloud topology, migration, and transformation, covering protocols, interfaces, ecosystems, and more.

Empower Your Organization with CCC Certification Training

Is your organization adopting cloud solutions or migrating critical systems? Are you looking to reskill teams into new cloud-centric roles? LearnQuest can partner with you to build a highly skilled cloud workforce.

Our expert CCC certified instructors deliver flexible training programs tailored to your organization's specific goals and challenges. We provide:

  • Skills gap analysis to identify needs
  • Customized certification roadmaps
  • Cohort-based virtual or on-site classes
  • Hands-on labs focused on real-world job tasks
  • One-on-one mentoring and coaching
  • Exam preparation with practice tests

Investing in your staff's success pays dividends. CCC certification demonstrates your commitment to continuous learning while enabling effective utilization of cloud technologies.

Let LearnQuest prepare your teams for the future with coveted CCC cloud credentials. We will equip your organization to reach new heights!

Contact us today for a free consultation on crafting an impactful training program.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which certifications does CCC offer?

    The credentials are:

    • Blockchain FoundationTM Certification
    • Big Data FoundationTM Certification
    • Internet of Things FoundationTM Certification
    • Artificial Intelligence Foundation Certification
    • Cloud Technology Associate Certification
    • Cloud Technology Associate+ Certification
    • Professional Cloud Administrator Certification
    • Professional Cloud Developer Certification
    • Professional Cloud Service Manager Certification
    • Professional Cloud Solutions Architect Certification.
  • What are the benefits of CCC certs?

    CCC certs validate vendor-neutral cloud skills for individuals that apply across tools and roles. They prove cloud capability to employers.

  • Who should get CCC certified?

    Those in architect, developer, admin, manager, and new cloud entrant roles benefit most from CCC credentials.

  • How do I prepare for a CCC exam?

    While self-study is an option, LearnQuest's training courses, labs, and practice exams provide the best CCC exam preparation.

  • How do CCC certs differ from vendor certs?

    CCC certs focus on universal cloud skills, vendor certs specialize in individual platforms like AWS, Azure, and GCP.

  • How can CCC certification help my organization?

    CCC certs validate your team's skills, reducing risk and enabling effective cloud use. They demonstrate your commitment to cloud talent development.

  • What is the best way to train my staff for CCC certs?

    Our flexible delivery models like cohort-based training and managed learning services ensure your team succeeds on CCC exams.


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Need more Information?

Speak with our training specialists to continue your learning journey.


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