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Advanced Perl Programming

2,340 USD
4 Days
Classroom Training, Online Training

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  • Date: 13-May-2024 to 16-May-2024
    Time: 9AM - 5PM US Eastern
    Location: Virtual
    Language: English
    Delivered by: LearnQuest
    Price: 2,340 USD
  • Date: 24-Jun-2024 to 27-Jun-2024
    Time: 9AM - 5PM US Eastern
    Location: Virtual
    Language: English
    Delivered by: LearnQuest
    Price: 2,340 USD
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Course Description


This four-day course offers many benefits for organizations that do a significant amount of Perl programming. Several chapters teach advanced productivity features of the Perl language itself, including debugging techniques, sophisticated list usage, code references, tied variables, and effective package use. The course puts programmers on very solid ground for doing object-oriented programming in Perl. Programmer productivity increases tremendously by reusing modules written by others, so this course teaches how to find, install, and use libraries of routines from the thousands of freely available Perl modules on the Web. Students learn how to use SQL to access relational databases (such as Oracle) with the DBI/DBD Perl modules - most production Perl programs need to do this, especially web-based back-end server programs. Students will also learn how to build graphical interfaces in Perl using the Perl/Tk module. The course teaches several other productivity features as well, including extending Perl with C/C++, embedding the Perl interpreter in another language, documentation with POD directives, module development and distribution, and advanced Perl design and implementation considerations.




  • Application programmers
  • System administrators
  • Website authors
  • Webmasters
  • UNIX/NT power users


    • Perl Programming and Perl application development experience. Full comprehension of the extending and embedding material will require some C or C++ programming experience.


  • Course Introduction
  • Debbuging
    • Warnings
    • Diagnostic Messages
    • Carping, Confessing, and Croaking
    • Strict Checks
    • Compiler Pragmas
    • Debbuging Flags
    • Your Perl Configuration
    • The Devel: Peek Module
    • Tha Data: Dumper Module
    • Labs
  • Expert List Manipulation
    • The Grep Operator
    • Lists, Arrays and List Operators
    • Context
    • Context and Subroutines
    • Initializing, Arrays and Hashes
    • Reference Syntax
    • Auto-vivification
    • Defined Values
    • Other List Operators
    • Usage of map, grep, and foreach
    • Labs
  • Blocks and Code References
    • Blocks
    • Subroutines
    • Subroutine Prototypes
    • Code Refs and Anonymous Subroutines
    • Typeglobbing for the Non-Squeamish
    • Lexical Variables
    • Persistent Private Subroutine Variables
    • Closures
    • The eval operator
    • The Block form of eval
    • The String form of eval
    • Block Form of Eval for Exception Handling
    • Labs
  • Packages
    • Review of Packages
    • BEGIN and END Blocks
    • Symbol Tables
    • Package Variables
    • Calling Package Subroutines
    • Importing Package Symbols
    • Exporting Package Symbols
    • Using the Exporter Package
    • The Use Function
    • AUTOLOAD and @ISA
    • AutoLoader and SelfLoader
    • Labs
  • Objects and Classes
    • Object-Oriented Stuff
    • Making Perl Object-Oriented
    • References
    • The bless Function
    • So, what´s a blessed thing good for?
    • Calling Class and Object Methods
    • Object Methods
    • Writing Classes
    • Constructors
    • Inheritance
    • What Perl Doesn´t Do
    • Labs
  • Tied Variables
    • Why Use tie?
    • Tying a Scalar
    • Inside Tied Variables
    • untie
    • Another Tied Scalar Example
    • Trying and Array
    • A Tied Array Example
    • Tying Hashes
    • Using the DRM Modules
    • Labs
  • Installing and Using Perl Modules
    • Laziness, Impatience and Hubris
    • CPAN
    • Using Modules
    • Installing a Perl Module
    • The Configuration Step
    • The Build Step
    • The Test Step
    • The Install Step
    • Using CPAN pm
    • Labs
  • Introduction to DBI/DBD
    • The Old Way - DBPerls
    • A Better Way DBI/DBD
    • Database Programming
    • Handles
    • Connecting to the Database
    • Creating a SQL Query
    • Finishing Up
    • Labs
  • DBI/DBD SQL Programming
    • Error Checking in DBI
    • Drivers
    • Using Parameterized Statements
    • Other Handle Attributes
    • Column Binding
    • BLOBs and LONGs and Such
    • Installing DBI Drivers
    • Labs
  • Introduction to Perl/TK
    • Tel, Tk, TCL/Tk, TKperl
    • Perl/Tk
    • Scrolled Widgets
    • Configuring Widgets
    • Using FileSelect
    • Labs
  • Perl/Tk Programming
    • Tk:Error and Tk:ErrorDialog
    • Geometry Management
    • Geometry Management with grid
    • Bindings
    • Nonblocking I/O with fileevent
    • Tags
    • Other Tk Commands
    • Labs
  • Extending Perl with C/C++
    • Extending the Perl Interpreter
    • Overview of Perl5 XSUBs
    • Get started with h2xs
    • Set Up the Perl Wrapper Class
    • Write the XS Code
    • The XS File
    • Arguments to XSUBs
    • Other h2xs Options
    • Labs
  • Embedding the Perl Interpreter
    • Why Embed Perl?
    • Embedding Perl in a C Program
    • perlmainc
    • Perl Data Types
    • Manipulating Scalars
    • Memory Management
    • Evaluating Perl Expressions
    • Dynamic Loading
    • Labs
  • Module Development and Distribution
    • Distributing Modules
    • Get started with h2xs
    • Files created by h2xs
    • Unit testing and
    • Using blib
    • POD
    • POD translators
    • Other Niceties
    • MakefilePL
    • Labs
  • Design and Implementation
    • Think First
    • Object-Oriented Design
    • Object-Oriented Development
    • Library Modules
    • Utility Programs
    • Filters
    • Performance
    • Timing with Benchmark
    • Labs
  • Solutions
    • Beginning Perl

      • Duration: 3 Days
      • Delivery Format: Classroom Training, Online Training
      • Price: 1,755.00 USD
    • CGI Programming Using Perl

      • Duration: 3 Days
      • Delivery Format: Classroom Training, Online Training
      • Price: 1,755.00 USD
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