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AJAX for Java Developers

2,800 USD
4 Days
Classroom Training, Online Training
Open Source

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  • Date: 5-Aug-2024 to 8-Aug-2024
    Time: 9AM - 5PM US Eastern
    Location: Virtual
    Language: English
    Delivered by: LearnQuest
    Price: 2,800 USD
  • Date: 14-Oct-2024 to 17-Oct-2024
    Time: 9AM - 5PM US Eastern
    Location: Virtual
    Language: English
    Delivered by: LearnQuest
    Price: 2,800 USD
  • Date: 3-Mar-2025 to 6-Mar-2025
    Time: 9AM - 5PM US Eastern
    Location: Virtual
    Language: English
    Delivered by: LearnQuest
    Price: 2,800 USD
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Course Description


This AJAX course is designed to provide students with an introduction to using XMLHttpRequest and a brief introduction to JavaScript™ fundamentals. It includes in-depth coverage of programming with AJAX to send/retrieve data to/from a server, updating a Web page with JavaScript, and using CSS to modify the look of a Web page. There is also detailed coverage of how to handle AJAX requests using Servlets/JSP and Java™ Web applications and how to use frameworks, both client-side JavaScript and server-side Java. This course is hands on with labs to reinforce all the important concepts. It will enable you to build working AJAX applications, and give you an understanding of the important concepts and technology in a very short time.

Ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript™ and XML) is a browser-based technology for creating highly interactive Web applications by updating parts of a Web page with new data without reloading the whole page.


This course is one step in the following Learning Journey:

  1. Java - Web Development


Upon completion of the AJAX course, students will be able to:
  • Build working AJAX applications
  • Understand concepts and technology
  • Update a Web Page with JavaScript
  • Modify using CSS
  • Learn how to use Frameworks


  • Web Developers using AJAX
  • Java Developers who need to work with AJAX-based Web applications


    • Basic knowledge of HTML and JavaScript and practical Java and Servlet/JSP programming experience


  • Ajax Overview
    • What are Rich Internet Applications?
    • RIA Technologies
    • Ajax Introduction
    • What is Ajax?
    • The Ajax Difference
    • Ajax, JavaScript, DHTML, and More
    • XMLHttpRequest
    • What This Course Will Focus On
  • JavaScript Basics
    • Java Script Introduction
    • What is JavaScript
    • Exploring JavaScript
    • JavaScript Variables
    • JavaScript – Writing to the Web Page
    • JavaScript PopUp Boxes
    • JavaScript Functions
    • External JavaScript Files
    • Functions as Data
    • Standard JavaScript Functions
    • Accessing and Modifying HTML Elements
    • A More Complex HTML Page
    • Accessing Elements via the document Object
    • The innerHTML Property
  • XMLHttpRequest
    • XMLHttpRequest Basics
    • More about XMLHttpRequest
    • Creating an XMLHttpRequest Object
    • Submitting a Request
    • XMLHttpRequest Properties
    • Asynchronous Request
    • Handling an Asynchronous Response
    • The readyState Property
    • onreadystatechange Event Handler
    • XMLHttpRequest Methods
  • Servlets and JSP with Ajax
    • Overview of Servlets
    • Java EE Web Applications
    • Web Application Structure
    • Using Servlets
    • A Simple HTTP Servlet
    • How a Servlet Works
    • The Web Archive (war) File
    • Deploying Web Applications
    • Servlets and Ajax
    • Accessing the Servlet Using Ajax
    • A Servlet Handling a Post Request
    • Overview of JavaServer Pages (JSP)
    • What is a JSP?
    • A Very Simple JSP – simple.jsp
    • JSPs Look Like HTML
    • JSP Expressions
    • JSPs are Really Servlets
    • Lifecycle of a JSP
    • Object Buckets or Scopes
    • Predefined JSP Variables – Implicit Objects
    • Working with <jsp:useBean>
    • More <jsp:useBean>
    • How a Servlet Works With a JSP
    • Issues with JSP
    • Custom Tags
    • Custom Tags and Tag Libraries
    • The JSTL
    • TAGLIB Directive in JSP
    • A Servlet and JSP Cooperating
    • The <C:forEACH> Tag
  • More JavaScript and Ajax
    • Browser Events
    • Event Based programming
    • Event Handlers
    • Defined Browser Events
    • Defined Events
    • Form Validation
    • onload and onunload Events
    • Using Ajax and Events
    • Ajax and Events
    • JavaScript Objects and Arrays
    • JavaScript Objects
    • Creating JavaScript Objects
    • Working with Objects and Functions
    • Working with Object Properties
    • Arrays in JavaScript
    • Working with Arrays
    • Array methods
    • Objects as Arrays
    • Classes in JavaScript
    • javaScript Constructors
    • The new Operator
    • More on Constructors
    • The Object Class
    • The prototype Property
    • Properties of the Prototype
    • A More Complete Class
    • Modules and Namespaces
    • Utility Modules
  • Client Side Frameworks
    • Framework Overview
    • No Need to Reinvent the Wheel
    • Capabilities of Client Side JavaScript Libraries
    • General Library Capabilities
    • Some Client Side JavaScript Libraries
    • Prototype Overview
    • About Prototype
    • Utility methods and DOM Extensions
    • Utility methods of Element Class
    • The $() Utility Function
    • Using $ and the DOM Extensions
    • Prototype Ajax Support
    • Ajax.Request
    • Ajax.Request – Additional Options
    • Ajax.Updater
    • Other Prototype Capabilities
    • Much More Capability
    • Overview
    • Using
    • The Scriptaculous Autocompleter
    • Other Frameworks and Libraries
    • Some Well Known Frameworks
    • Dojo Functionality
    • dojo.xhr Functions
    • Using dojo.xhrGet()
    • Dojo.xhrGet Error Handling
    • Some Issues with Dojo
    • Yahoo User Interface Toolkit (YUI)
    • The YUI Dom Class
    • A Simple Application with YUI
    • YUI and Ajax
    • TabView and TreeView
    • Rich Text Editor and Calendar Control
    • Other YUI Capabilities
    • The Google Ajax Search API
    • Google Search API Code
    • Google Search Page Display
    • Much More Capability
    • Google Maps API
    • Maps API Display
    • Additional Google Maps API Capability
  • Cascading Style Sheets
    • Issues with Formatting in HTML
    • Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
    • Declaring Style Information
    • Style Sheets
    • Using Style Sheets
    • Resulting Display
    • The class Selector
    • Descendant Selectors
    • ID Selectors
    • Display and Visibility Style Properties
    • Other Style Properties
    • Scripting Styles
    • Scripting Classes
    • The ‘Cascading’ in CSS
  • JSON (JavaScript Object Notation)
    • What is JSON
    • Review of JavaScript Literals
    • Arrays and More Complex Objects
    • JSON Details
    • Creating JSON Strings in JavaScript
    • Parsing JSON Strings in JavaScript
    • Parsing Strings with JSON.parse()
    • JSON on the Server
    • Creating JSON Text on the Server
    • JSONObject and JSON
    • JSONArray
    • Creating JSON Text from POJOs
    • Creating jSON Text from Collections
    • Dealing with Dates
    • Custom Date Serialization
    • JSONSerializer
    • JSONSTringer
    • Other json-lib Capabilities
    • An Input Field Generating Ajax Request
    • Producing JSON in a Servlet
    • JavaScript Code Constructing Suggestions
    • Accessing the JSON Data We Want
    • JavaScript Code Constructing the Suggestions
    • Autocomplete at Work
    • Other JSON Tools
    • The JSON Universe
  • XML and Ajax
    • XML Overview
    • What is XMl?
    • The Underlying Theme of XML
    • JavaTunes Purchase order Document – Body
    • The Document Body and Elements
    • Attributes
    • Working with XML
    • Working with XML and Ajax
    • Accessing XML with Ajax
    • Working with XML Documents
    • JavaTunes Purchase Order Document
    • JavaTunes Order as a Dom Tree
    • More About the W3C DOM
    • Traversing a Document with JavaScript
    • Getting Node Information
    • Finding Nodes in a Document
    • White Space Handling and Other Issues
    • Creating XML Documents on the Server
    • Producing XML with a Servlet and JSP
    • The JSP Generating the XML
    • An Input Field Generating Ajax Request
    • XML Document from Servlet/JSP
    • JavaScript Code Constructing the Suggestions
    • Accessing the XML Nodes We Want
    • Using the Suggestions
    • Autocomplete at Work
    • XML Versus JSON
    • XML and JSON for Data Interchange
  • DWR (Direct Web Remoting) and Other Technologies
    • What is DWR?
    • How DWR Works
    • Getting Started with DWR
    • web.xml Configuration for SWR
    • dwr.xml Configuration File
    • Ajax for Java Developers
    • Running the Test Page - <webapp>/dwr
    • Working with DWR
    • Including the DWR JavaScript Code
    • Using the DWR Proxies
    • Functions with Java Object Arguments
    • DWR Options
    • Reverse Ajax
    • Other Technologies
    • JSON-RPC
    • Using JSON-RPC-Java
    • Google Web Tooklit (GWT)
    • GWT Architecture
    • Hello World with GWT
    • The Generated Application
    • More About GWT
    • Pros/Cons of GWT
  • Ajax and JSF
    • JSF Overview
    • JSF Purpose and Goals
    • JSF API
    • JSF as MVC
    • JSF Views -- Facelets
    • Facelets Defined
    • JavaBean Defined
    • Managed Beans as JSF Model
    • JSF Controller Components
    • Managed Beans -- Part of JSF Controller
    • faces-config.xml Details
    • FACES-CONFIG.XML Structure
    • Your First JSF Application
    • Configuring FacesServlet in web.xml
    • JSF Controller
    • JSF HelloWorld -- Facelet
    • JSF HelloWorld -- Viewing the Facelet
    • faces-config.xml
    • Review of Managed Beans
    • Managed Beans Lifecycle
    • Declaring a Managed Bean
    • Writing a Managed Bean
    • Examining the Logon Form
    • Linking Input Fields to Bean Properties
    • Submitting the Form
    • Method Binding Expressions
    • Dynamic Navigation Rule
    • Creating / Deploying a JSF Application
    • AJAX and JSF
    • F:AJAX Details
  • Design and Best Practices
    • JavaScript Best Practices
    • JavaScript is a Key Ajax Technology
    • Object-Oriented Modular JavaScript
    • Dealing with Browsers
    • Separate Content, Behavior, & Presentation
    • JavaScript Tips and Techniques
    • Don’t Reinvent the Wheel
    • Ajax Design
    • Ajax is Still Evolving and Maturing
    • Basic Ajax Design Principles and Patterns
    • Basic Ajax Design Patterns
    • Use Ajax Where Appropriate
    • Network Usage Considerations
    • Ajax and the Back Button – The Problem
    • Ajax and the Back Button – Solutions
    • User Interface Design Considerations
    • Other Ajax Design Considerations
    • Ajax Security Ideas
    • General Security Issues for Ajax
    • Basic Security Guidelines
    • Scripting Vulnerabilities – Malicious Code
    • The Dangers of Code Injection
    • XSS – Same Origin Policy
    • Same Origin Policy – The Good and the Bad
    • Preventing Malicious Content
    • JSON Issues
    • Security Summary
    • Resources
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