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VMware vSphere 5.5 with ESXi and vCenter

3,500 USD
5 Days
Classroom Training, Online Training

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Course Description


This VMware vSphere 5.1 with ESXi and vCenter course is designed to provide students with an intense introduction to virtualization using VMware’s vSphere™ 5.1 including VMware ESX™ 5.1 and vCenter™. This class starts with the basics and rapidly progresses to more advanced topics. More than 40% of class time is devoted to labs, so concepts, skills and best practices are developed and reinforced. Initial labs focus on installation and configuration of stand-alone ESXi servers. As the class progresses, shared storage, networking and centralized management are introduced.

The class continues on to more advanced topics including resource balancing, high availability, back-up and recovery, troubleshooting and more. Disaster recovery, rapid deployment, hot migration and workload consolidation are also covered. This class is unique in its approach; which is to identify common IT pain points and then clearly explain and demonstrate how virtualization delivers clear, tangible benefits (e.g.: reduced costs, greater consistency, responsiveness, reduced administration, server consolidation, etc.). Each topic is presented from the perspective of delivering key business value; not just the technical or mechanical aspects of the software.


Upon completion of the VMware vSphere 5.1 with ESXi and vCenter course, students will be able to:
  • Develop and reinforce concepts, skills and best practices
  • Focus on installation and configuration of stand-alone ESXi servers
  • Operate shared storage, networking and centralized management
  • Practice resource balancing, high availability, back-up and recovery, troubleshooting and more
  • Demonstrate disaster recovery, rapid deployment, hot migration and workload consolidation
  • Identify common IT pain points and then clearly explain and demonstrate how virtualization delivers clear, tangible benefits


  • System Architects
  • Security Specialists
  • Analysts
  • Back-up and Storage Administrators


    • User, operator or administrator experience on common operating systems, such as Microsoft Windows®, Linux™, UNIX™, etc.
    • Experience installing, configuring and managing operating systems, storage systems and/or networks is useful but not required
    • Basic familiarity with PC server hardware, disk partitioning, IP addressing, O/S installation, networking, etc.


  • Introduction to vSphere 5.1
    • VMware vSphere
    • Server Resource Utilization
    • Server Consolidation
    • Datacenter Issues
    • OS, Application Imaging
    • Hardware Maintenance
    • Windows Licensing for VMs
    • Windows Server 2012
    • Disaster Recovery
    • Test, Development & QA
    • Virtualization Over Time
    • VMware vSphere 5.5 Editions
    • vSphere Acceleration Kits
    • VMware ESXi
    • Multiple ESXi w. Shared Storage
    • vSphere Private Cloud
    • Storage Cloud
    • What's New in vSphere 5.1/5.5
  • VMware ESXi
    • Stand Alone ESXi
    • Scaling Up Networks, Storage
    • Installing ESXi
    • ESXi 5.5
    • Performing an In-Place Upgrade
    • ESXi 5.5 DCUI
    • ESXi Configuration & Settings
    • Default Management IP Settings
    • Configure Management Network
    • IPV4 & DNS Configuration
    • Apply Network Changes
    • ESXi Ready for Service
    • Security Warning
    • ESXi Host Roles
    • Licensed Features in ESXi 5.5
  • Virtual Networking
    • Virtual & Physical Networking
    • Teamed Networking
    • Multi-homed Networking
    • vSwitch Properties
    • ESXi Physical NICs
    • vSwitch Rules
    • Network Attached Storage
    • NFS - Shared Storage PoC
    • NAS Options
    • NAS/NFS Uses
    • Defining NFS Shares
    • NFS Share in Storage Roster
    • NAS/NFS Trade-offs
    • Troubleshooting NFS
  • Virtual Machines
    • Virtual Hardware
    • Take Ownership of a VM
    • New Virtual Machine Wizard
    • VM Wizard - Virtual CPUs
    • Snapshots Manager
    • Complete the Virtual Machine
    • Remote Console
    • VMware Tools
    • USB Virtual Device Support
    • Windows Performance Tips
    • Supported Guest OS
  • vCenter Server
    • Central Management w. vCenter
    • vCenter is a Management Proxy
    • vCenter for Windows
    • vCenter Server Appliance (vCSA)
    • vCenter Server
    • Inventory Service
    • vCenter Simple Install
    • vCenter for Databases
    • Install vCenter for Windows
    • vCenter Windows Services
    • Configuring vCSA IP Properties
    • VMs run on Clusters
    • Adding Licenses to vCenter
    • Web Client
    • Migrating a VM
    • vSphere Clients
    • vCenter Limits
  • Templates, Clones
    • Template Theory
    • Template Benefits
    • Templates
    • Disk Formats
    • Creating a New Template
    • VM Cloning
    • Clone a Template
    • Template Maintenance
    • Windows VM Customization
    • Non-Windows OS Customization
    • Virtual Machines / Pros and Cons
    • Import/ Export Virtual Appliances
    • CPU to vCPU Virtualization
    • Windows 7 Basic 3D Video
    • Adding Virtual Hardware
    • All VMs Support Simple Changes
    • Adding Virtual Hardware
    • Hot Grow Disks
  • Permissions
    • Permission- Privileges and Roles
    • Determining Permissions
    • Role Assignments
    • Work with Roles
    • vCenter Users, Groups
    • vCenter Base Permissions
    • ESXi Users, Groups
    • View ESXi Permissions
  • Shared Storage
    • Fibre Storage Area Networks
    • Fibre Switched Fabric Topology
    • Hardware Paths
    • iSCSI, Capabilities, Motivation
    • LUN Discovery options
    • iSCSI Hardware & Software Initiators
    • Challenge Authentication Protocol
    • CHAP Authentication Process
    • Scan iSCSI SAN
    • New iSCSI LUNS
    • iSCSI Trade-offs
    • Storage Properties, Views, Reports, Maps
    • ESXi 5.5 Boot from SAN
  • VMware Cluster File System
    • VMFS 5 Features
    • Building a VMFS
    • Properties and Formatting
    • New VMFS
    • VMFS Capacity Management
    • LUN Span - Before/ After
    • Grow VMFS into Free Space
    • Multipathing
    • iSCSI SAN Multipathing
    • Pluggable Storage Architecture
  • Alarms
    • Performance Alarms
    • vCenter Alarms
    • Alarm Settings
    • ESXi Host Alarms
    • Virtual Machine Alarms
    • Alarm Reporting
    • Default Alarm Definitions
    • Set Local Mail Server Properties
    • Change Custom Alarms
    • Alarm Best Practices
  • Resource Pools
    • Resource Administration
    • VM CPU Resource Tunables
    • Dynamic Memory Balancing
    • Resource Shares
    • Resource Pools
    • Expandable Resrvations
    • Auto-Update Resource Pools
    • Resource Allocations
  • Converter
    • Converter Import Source Options
    • What's New in Converter 5.5
    • Clone & Update Disks
    • Install and Enable Converter
    • Launch Converter Enterprise
    • Specify New VM Location
    • Clone Physical Disk(s)
    • Copying Disk Volumes
    • Create the New Virtual Machine
    • VM Reconfiguration
    • Converter Housekeeping
    • New VM Housekeeping
    • Converter Caveats
    • Conversion in Progress
  • VM Migration
    • Virtual Machine Migration
    • Cold Migration
    • VMotion Migration, Benefits, Requirements
    • Progress is Monitored
    • Switch Over
    • VM Scheduled to Run
    • Housekeeping
    • Validation
    • Validation Warnings
    • Host and CPU Compatibility
    • Storage VMotion
  • DRS
    • Distributed Resource Scheduler
    • DRS Clusters / Functions
    • DRS Automation Level
    • Migration Threshold
    • Power Management
    • EVC and AMD CPUs
    • EVC Benefits
    • Affinity, Anti-Affinity Rules
    • DRS Groups Manager
    • Resource Management
    • Adopting DRS
  • VMware HA
    • High Availability Clusters
    • VMware HA Host Failures
    • Admission Control
    • HA Cluster Heartbeat
    • Datastore Heartbeat
    • HA Restart Priority
    • VM Monitoring
    • Maintenance Mode
    • Resolving HA Problems
    • HA and DRS
    • Isolation Response
    • VMware Fault Tolerance
  • Host Profiles
    • Managing ESXi Host Configuration
    • Host Profiles
    • Attaching Host Profiles
    • Host Profiles Benefits
    • Host Profile Tasks
    • Bringing a Host into Compliance
    • Guest OS Compliance?
  • vSphere Replications
    • VM Synchronization
    • VM Replication Policies
    • Replicated VM
    • vSphere Client Integration Plug-in
    • Select Replication Server
    • Advanced Disk Configuration
    • vSphere Replication > Manage
    • Recovering a VM
  • Update Manager
    • VMware Update Manager
    • Patch Management
    • VUM Components
    • Install VUM
    • VUM Storage
    • Configure CUM
    • Patch Download Setting and Schedule
    • Dour Types of Baselines
    • Selected Patches
    • VUM and DRS Clusters
  • Performance
    • Performance Analysis & Tuning
    • ESXi CPU Usage Strategy
    • Active VM CPU Scheduling
    • Physical to Virtual CPU
    • Sequential vs Concurrent Tasks
    • Physical & VM Memory
    • Transparent Page Sharing
    • Memory Ballooning
    • Ballooning vs. VMkernel Swap
    • VMkernel Native Drivers
    • ESXi and SSDs
    • Performance Charts
    • Performance Problems
    • CPU Ready Time
    • Monitoring Memory Stress
    • Page Faults
    • Memory Consumption
  • Final Thoughts
    • What to Virtualize
    • CPU Storage and Network Considerations
    • Server Capacity Management
    • Delivering High Availability
    • Virtualization Security Issues
  • Appendix 1 - Definition & Acronyms
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