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SOA Training Courses

Expand your expertise and skills in Service-Oriented Architecture and learn how application components can provide services to other components via a network communication protocol.

Course List

  • Featured Course

    Fundamentals of JAX-WS Web Services


    This Fundamentals of JAX-WS Web Services course provides students the skills necessary to produce and consume web services . . .

    • Duration: 1 Day
    • Scheduled Classes : 4 Scheduled Classes
    • Delivery Format: Classroom, Virtual
    • Price: ??price??


    Classroom, Virtual 4 SOA Fundamentals of JAX-WS Web Services
  • Featured Course

    Introduction to SOA


    This Introduction to SOA course is designed to provide students with Service Oriented Architecture’s terminology, concepts, . . .

    • Duration: 1 Day
    • Scheduled Classes : 3 Scheduled Classes
    • Delivery Format: Classroom, Virtual
    • Price: ??price??


    Classroom, Virtual 3 SOA Introduction to SOA
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Service-Oriented Architecture Training and Certification Courses - 1

What is Service-Oriented Architecture?

Service-oriented architecture (SOA) is an architectural approach for building flexible, reusable software systems. SOA organizes application logic into shared, modular services with well-defined interfaces that can be called over a network. This allows different applications to leverage these services to expedite new development.

Some key characteristics of SOA include:

  • Services are self-contained, modular business functions
  • Services communicate via standard interfaces
  • Services are loosely coupled and location transparent
  • Services can be orchestrated together to form business processes
  • Services are reusable across different systems
  • Overall, SOA enables faster, easier development through service reuse, interoperability, and composability.

SOA enables faster, easier development through service reuse, interoperability, and composability.

Service-Oriented Architecture Training and Certification Courses - 2

Benefits and motivations for using SOA

Adopting SOA provides many benefits for an organization:

  • Reusability - Services can be consumed by multiple applications.
  • Interoperability - Services use standard interfaces that enable integration.
  • Flexibility - Services can be easily reconfigured and replaced.
  • Agility - New solutions can be rapidly developed by assembling services.
  • Alignment - Services map to business functions for better IT/business linkage.
  • Cost savings - Reuse of services reduces redundant development.
  • Future-proofing - Loose coupling makes adapting to changes easier.
Service-Oriented Architecture Training and Certification Courses - 3

Advantages of SOA training

SOA training provides many advantages for organizations:

  • Improved development practices - Developers learn patterns for creating flexible, reusable services.
  • Faster adoption - Training shortens the learning curve for implementing SOA.
  • Expert guidance - Learn from instructors with real-world SOA experience.
  • Current knowledge - Stay up to date on the latest standards, technologies and best practices.
  • Consistent understanding - Training provides a shared vocabulary and vision across teams.
  • Cost savings - Equipping staff with SOA skills reduces reliance on external consultants.
  • Strategic alignment - Training helps connect IT initiatives back to business goals.

Boost Your Organization's Agility and Efficiency with SOA Training

To determine if SOA training is right for your organization, contact us today for a free consultation. Our SOA experts will discuss your current development challenges and goals to evaluate if SOA can help.

During the consultation, we'll provide recommendations on SOA training that fits your specific needs - from introductory overviews to multi-day immersion courses. We tailor our innovative SOA curriculum and delivery formats to support organizations of all sizes and industries.

Whether you have no prior SOA experience or want to train existing teams more deeply, our skilled instructors can transfer their real-world knowledge through engaging, hands-on training. Courses are available in-person or remotely to accommodate any schedule.

Investing in SOA training from our experts is the fastest way to develop the skills your staff needs to maximize SOA's benefits. Contact us now to schedule your free consultation and accelerate your organization's SOA capabilities.

Contact Us For A Free Consultation

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is SOA?

    SOA stands for Service-Oriented Architecture. It is an architectural approach for building flexible, reusable software systems using services - modular, self-contained units of business functionality with standard interfaces. SOA allows rapid application development through service reuse, composition, and interoperability.

  • What are the benefits of SOA?

    Key benefits of SOA include reusability, flexibility, interoperability, agility, alignment between business and IT, cost savings, and future-proofing of solutions. SOA enables faster delivery of solutions that meet changing business needs.

  • Why is SOA training important?

    SOA training equips staff with the knowledge to properly design, implement, and govern SOA solutions. It accelerates adoption, improves development practices, provides expert guidance, and delivers cost savings. Training establishes a consistent vocabulary and approach to SOA across the organization.

  • Who should take your SOA training?

    SOA training is valuable for software architects, developers, technical leads, project managers, and other IT staff involved in designing, building, and managing SOA solutions. Business analysts, enterprise architects, and technical decision-makers also benefit from understanding SOA principles and practices.

  • What are the prerequisites for your courses?

    There are no strict prerequisites, but a basic understanding of software development and systems integration is helpful. Some courses may recommend familiarity with specific languages and technologies like Java, .NET, web services, APIs, etc. Please check the individual course pages for details.

  • How are your courses delivered?

    We offer flexible course delivery formats, including instructor-led classes (in-person or remote), on-demand online training, and self-paced learning. This allows us to accommodate any schedule or learning style. Private and customized training options are also available.

  • Who are your instructors?

    Our courses are taught by real-world practitioners with deep hands-on experience designing, delivering, and managing large-scale SOA solutions for global enterprises. Their real-life examples and stories bring key concepts to life.

  • How do I get started?

    Contact our training advisors via phone, email, or live chat to discuss your team’s specific training needs. We'll provide personalized recommendations, answer any questions you may have, and help select the ideal SOA courses to meet your organization's goals.

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Need more Information?

Speak with our training specialists to continue your learning journey.


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