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IBM and LearnQuest Badge Program - WebSphere - DataPower Series


LearnQuest is working together with IBM to offer IBM training courses and award digital badges upon successful completion and attainment of course objectives.


IBM Explorer Badge WebSphere DataPower

LearnQuest IBM DataPower Developer

This badge holder can configure, implement, and troubleshoot services developed on IBM DataPower Gateway appliances. Recipients can implement the use cases for the appliances, including: web service virtualization & security, integrating with IBM MQ, Mobile & REST support, integrating with OAuth, and authentication, authorization, & auditing. Badge holders are able to use problem determination tools such as logs, monitors, & probes, and techniques for testing services and handling errors.

Click here for course objectives.

Badge Criteria and Activities
Badge earners have successfully achieved class objectives demonstrated by progress in lab exercises, attendance, participation in question & answer sessions, and/or assessments associated with:

  • Creating a web service proxy, cryptographic objects, & web services security
  • Configuring SSL, multi-protocol gateways, service level monitoring policies, support for MQ & JMS, & resources to support OAuth
  • Using logs & probes, patterns, & options to support REST & JSON-based services
  • Handling errors

Recommended next steps:

  1. WE712G JWS and JWE Support in IBM DataPower V7.2
  2. WE720G Administration of IBM WebSphere DataPower Gateway V7
  3. WE702G XML and Web Services Solutions with IBM DataPower Gateway V7
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Welcome FMC-Canada!
Welcome FMC-Canada!
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