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IBM and LearnQuest Badge Program - CICS


LearnQuest is working together with IBM to offer IBM training courses and award digital badges upon successful completion and attainment of course objectives.

LearnQuest IBM CICS Foundations

This badge holder has a solid background in the transactions & APIs that are supplied with CICS. Recipients are able to use programming aids that support application development for CICS, including the features of CICSPlex System Manager, CICS Explorer graphical tools, protecting CICS resources, & managing data integrity. Badge holders are also able to use the facilities that enable CICS to connect & communicate with other systems, & how to design & write CICS applications.

Click here for course objectives.

Badge Criteria and Activities
Badge earners have successfully achieved class objectives demonstrated by student progress in lab exercises, attendance, & participation in question & answer sessions and/or assessments associated with:

  • Using CEMT, Explorer, transactions, & Rational Developer
  • Describing the role of CICS, intercommunication, defining resources, transaction backout & forward recovery, data integrity, VSAM files, queuing, security, user authentication, data access logic, application design, & web services support.

Recommended next steps:

  1. Innovative CICS System Programming - Implementing Mobile Apps with CICS
  2. CICS V5 Basic Tailoring
  3. CICS V5 Advanced Application Development for SOA and Web Services

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Welcome FMC-Canada!
Welcome FMC-Canada!
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