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macOS Support Essentials 10.12 (Sierra 101)

Apple Authorized Global Training Provider

Course #:APL-MAC101-120
Duration: 3 Days
Price: 1,895.00 USD
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Material: LearnGreen (pdf)


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20-Nov to 22-Nov
10AM - 5PM
US Eastern
1,895.00 USD
20-Nov to 22-Nov
1,895.00 USD
Shawnee KS (1486 mi)
Tech Wyze, Inc.
27-Nov to 29-Nov
9AM - 5PM
1,895.00 USD
27-Nov to 29-Nov
1,895.00 USD
Shawnee KS
Tech Wyze, Inc.

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Left this here as an example of original


Brian Watkins writes:

  • That it's geared to those of us who have to support users.

Bruce Baker writes:

  • Instructor stories and life experiences made this a very good experience

Matthew Sibley writes:

  • Relaxed atmosphere

Victor Isaac writes:

  • It expanded my understanding of Sierra and I feel like I have a good jump on certification test prep.

Deidra Losaw writes:

  • The pace was good and the demonstrations helped a lot. The exercises helped reinforce what was taught to me.

Anonymous writes:

  • Our instructor, is very knowledgeable and helpful. I definitely learned a lot from him and feel more comfortable working with Mac computers. The class is small (5 of us total), I feel that we all received the time attention from the instructor that we needed. Can't say enough about the instructor - Awesome instructor!

Anonymous writes:

  • The pace. I also liked how exercises followed the lessons. I thought it was a good breakup in material.

Gerard Newland writes:

  • The training was thorough but made easy to understand

Robert Migliaccio writes:

  • The instructor was great. He had tons of little insider secrets that he would show after showing us the long way to do something. He was always able to answer a question that I had.

Anonymous writes:

  • Learned a lot

Benjamin LaMothe writes:

  • The interactive environment

Anonymous writes:

  • Malleable pace, simple and friendly trainer.

James Ellis writes:

  • The hands-on exercises

Marco Buonomo writes:

  • The variety of information taught and the clarity and easy to understand teaching method of the instructor.

Jeremy Tentis writes:

  • Easy to understand instructor and good learning materials

Tammy Byrne writes:

  • It was a very good training, normally I rate training as neutral. But I learn a few things I will be using in my job.

Keith Noble writes:

  • Each topic was clearly reviewed, the exercises were great examples of each topic and assisted in verifying I understood the topic.

Francisco Estrada writes:

  • The entire course was awesome. I picked up a few new skills shortcuts that I didn't know of before.

Jason Zarate writes:

  • I thought it was fluid and the group moved at a pace that was quick but easy enough to follow along

Eric Manjarrez writes:

  • I liked the pace of the class, and the accessibility of it

Anonymous writes:

  • Learning pace was great

Anonymous writes:

  • Good pace and knowledgeable trainer. Trainer allowed time for questions regarding every step and presentation was engaging.

William Mcilvaine writes:

  • The Instructor's pace kept us on schedule without feeling pressured.

Anonymous writes:

  • The instructor was very knowledgeable and kept the class moving at a brisk but still easy to follow pace

Greg Bundy writes:

  • That we jumped right into learning and didn't spend too much time going through common sense items. Really enjoyed how small the class was and how it highlighted on things that I haven't found in my research prior to taking this course.

Anonymous writes:

  • Really enjoyed how comprehensive it was and also enjoyed watching the instructor do the things he was talking about, as he was talking about them. Very beneficial.

Sam Skinner writes:

  • Topics covered can be applied immediately.

Anonymous writes:

  • The instructor was awesome

Joey Melikant writes:

  • Everyone was great!

Anonymous writes:

  • Hardware was excellent, instructor was excellent. Facilities and staff were great.

Anonymous writes:

  • Great job on having crazy fast connections to the class server and internet.

Christine De Gracia writes:

  • The instructor was very pleasant to learn from, had a great, friendly demeanor, yet still laid back enough that you don't feel like it's a 'boot camp' type of learning environment.

Jim Churray writes:

  • The small class size and personal attention

Matthew Lindell writes:

  • Small Class, easy to ask questions

Casey Johnson writes:

  • Instructor assisting me with the training.

jason Butryn writes:

  • The in-depthness of the training

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