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CICS TS: Fundamentals

Course content updated by LearnQuest
2,925 USD
5 Days
Classroom Training, Online Training
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  • Date: 12-Sep-2022 to 16-Sep-2022
    Time: 9AM - 5PM US Eastern
    Location: Virtual
    Language: English
    Delivered by: LearnQuest
    Price: 2,925 USD
  • Date: 10-Oct-2022 to 14-Oct-2022
    Time: 9AM - 5PM US Eastern
    Location: Virtual
    Language: English
    Delivered by: LearnQuest
    Price: 2,925 USD
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Course Description


This CICS TS: Fundamentals course is intended for analysts, programmers, and IT professionals that require an organized introduction to CICS functions and capabilities. There is an examination of CICS structure, adaptability, and interaction with IBM system software and third party software. A case study and exercises provide insights into designing and coding CICS programs. Private courses can be tailored to the specific operating system and system software of the client organization.


This course is one step in the following Learning Journey:

  1. Mainframe Application Developer


Upon completion of the CICS TS: Fundamentals course, students will be able to:
  • Appreciate CICS as an on-line system
  • Recognize and understand CICS structure and components
  • Use CICS facilities and functions
  • Work with CICS application programs
  • Become familiar with CICS web support
  • Understand the CICS interface with DB2




    • Working knowledge of batch COBOL programming


  • Understand the general concepts and principles of CICS
  • Be aware of CICS terminology
  • Know the basics about how CICS works
  • Discuss the flow of a CICS transaction through the various components of CICS
  • Environment Concepts
  • Batch Processing
  • Online Processing
  • CICS Characteristics
  • CICS Security and Integrity
  • CICS Interfaces
  • CICS Control Functions
  • CICS Application Functions
  • CICS Components
  • Task Management
  • Storage Management
  • Program Management
  • Interval Management
  • Terminal Management
  • File Management
  • Temporary Storage Management
  • Transient Data Management
  • Journal Management
  • CICS-Supplied Transactions
  • Dump Management
  • Recovery Management
  • Basic Mapping Support
  • Storage Areas
  • CICS Transaction Flow
Programming Considerations
  • Be aware of the tables used to define CICS resources
  • Understand CICS Naming Conventions
  • Understand coding requirements for COBOL CICS programs
  • Discuss program design considerations for CICS applications
  • Understand the pseudo-conversational method of connecting CICS tasks
  • Be aware of options for passing application data between CICS tasks
  • System Definition - Tables
  • PCT - Program Control Table
  • PPT - Processing Program Table
  • FCT - File Control Table
  • TCT - Terminal Control Table
  • SNT - Sign-On-Table
  • Other Tables - JCT, DCT, SIT, TST
  • CICS Naming Conventions
  • COBOL Restrictions
  • Program Design
  • Quasi-Reentrant
  • Pseudo-Conversational
  • Passing Data Between Programs
Command Level Interface
  • Understand how CICS Commands invoke CICS services
  • Know the format of CICS Commands
  • Be aware of compile considerations
  • Understand the contents of the Execute Interface Block (EIB)
  • Understand how to deal with Exceptional Conditions (results of Command requests)
  • Know how to interface directly with the Execute Interface Program through the Command Level
  • Interpreter (CECI)
  • Command Level Translator
  • General Command Format
  • Program Preparation
  • Program Translation
  • Program Execution
  • Execute Interface Block (EIB)
  • Exceptional Conditions
  • Exceptional Condition Command Format
  • Exceptional Condition Command Examples
  • Exceptional Condition Handling
  • Command Level Interpreter
Program Control
  • Know how to transfer control between CICS programs
    • At the same level
    • Subordinate programs
  • Understand how to abend a CICS program
  • Understand how and why to return control to CICS
    • with a “next transaction code”
    • without a “next transaction code”
  • Know how to use a Communication Area
  • Understand how to use the Execution Diagnostic Facility to interactively test a CICS application (CEDF)
  • Purpose of Program Control Commands
  • Program Levels
  • Command Format
  • Sample LINK and RETURN
  • Sample XCTL, and RETURN with TRANSID
  • Obtaining Date and Time Information
  • Execution Diagnostic Facility
  • Points of Interception
  • Information Displays
  • Available Interaction
Terminal Control
  • Know how to send simple messages from the program to the terminal
  • Know how to receive a simple message from the terminal into the program
  • Understand the uses of the terminal attention identifier (AID), such as ENTER, PF1, etc.
  • Functions
  • Command Format
  • Sample RECEIVE and SEND
  • Task Scheduling Based on Data Transmission
  • Effect of Input Operations
  • Sample AID Handling
  • Sample EIBAID Evaluation
File Control
  • Understand how to access VSAM files from the CICS application
  • Be aware of random and sequential file processing options
  • Be aware of the possibility of a deadlock, freezing two tasks
  • Functions
  • File Control Table (FCT)
  • Services Provided
  • Functional Overview
  • READ and WRITE Command Format
  • REWRITE, DELETE, and UNLOCK Command Format
  • Browse Command Format
  • Sample READ and WRITE
  • Error Handling with RESP
  • Error Handling with HANDLE CONDITION
  • Transaction Deadlock
  • Browse Considerations
  • Sample Browse
Basic Mapping Support
  • Understand the costs and benefits involved in using BMS
  • Be aware of how BMS works
  • Be able to define and prepare a BMS screen format (Map)
  • Know how to receive and send Maps in the application program
  • Advantages of BMS
  • BMS Interfaces
  • Batch Map and DSECT Definition
  • Flow of Online BMS Input Processing
  • Flow of Online BMS Output Processing
  • Structure of Mapset Definition
  • Map Definition Format
  • Map Field Definition Format
  • Sample Mapset-Single Map
  • Generated COBOL - TYPE=DSECT
  • Generated COBOL - TYPE=DSECT with Color
  • DSECT Generated Data Names
  • Use of DSECT Data Areas
  • Command Format
  • Sample RECEIVE and SEND MAP
  • Setting Cursor Position
Additional Services
  • Understand the concepts and use of Temporary Storage
  • Understand the concepts and usage of Transient Data
  • Temporary Storage
  • Concepts
  • Functional Overview
  • Command Format
  • Sample Program
  • Transient Data Concepts
  • Functional Overview
  • Command Format
  • Sample Program
DB2 Interface
  • Understand the critical elements of using relational databases
  • Be aware of the method to access DB2 databases from CICS programs
  • Features
  • Interface Overview
  • Program Preparation
  • Program Preparation Components
  • Program Considerations
  • Data Areas
  • Restrictions
  • Host Variables
  • Retrieve Single
  • Retrieve Multiple
  • Other SQL
  • Program Testing and Debugging
CICS Web Services
  • Understand basic web terminology
  • Know how CICS interacts with the Web
  • Be aware of basic CICS web commands
  • Know how Internet Gateway and Transaction Gateway are used
  • Understand purpose of Web Services technology
  • Basic Internet Terminology
  • CICS on the Web
  • Basic CICS Commands
  • CICS Internet Gateway
  • CICS Transaction Gateway
  • Web Services – The Challenge
  • What is a Service?
  • What is SOA?
  • What is SOAP?
  • CICS/TS V4 and SOAP
  • What is XML?
  • What is WSDL?
  • CICS Web Service Assistant
  • AIX Basics

    • Duration: 24 Hours
    • Delivery Format: Classroom Training, Online Training
    • Price: 2,445.00 USD
  • AIX Jumpstart for UNIX Professionals

    • Duration: 40 Hours
    • Delivery Format: Classroom Training, Online Training
    • Price: 4,075.00 USD
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