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IBM and LearnQuest Badge Program - QRadar


LearnQuest is working together with IBM to offer IBM training courses and award digital badges upon successful completion and attainment of course objectives.

LearnQuest IBM Security QRadar SIEM Administration

This badge holder understands how to use Security QRadar SIEM to minimize the time gap between when suspicious activity occurs and when it is detected. They use a variety of administrative tools to manage a QRadar SIEM deployment. Bade earners are able to manage system configuration, data source configuration, and remote networks and services configuration.

Click here for course objectives.

Badge Criteria and Activities
Badge earners have successfully achieved class objectives demonstrated by student progress in lab exercises, attendance, participation in question & answer sessions, and/or assessments associated with:

  • Managing automatic updates, log sources, flow sources, groups, hosts & licenses, deploy assets, reference sets
  • Configuring backup & restore policies, user accounts, & system settings
  • Using network hierarchy objects & administration tools
  • Storing event & flow data

Recommended next steps:

  1. IBM Security QRadar Incident Forensics Configuration
  2. IBM Security QRadar Vulnerability Manager 7.2.2

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