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Enterprise Architecture Training

Enterprise Architecture (EA) is a discipline, management process, and documentation method that uses and promotes a wide range of standards. Looking at complex systems, EA provides a holistic strategy and business context that helps enterprises with business and technology planning, resource management, and decision-making.

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The purpose of an EA management program is to help organizations with strategic alignment, standardized policy, decision support, and resource development.

Why LearnQuest?

LearnQuest is the only Global Training Provider to offer the Enterprise Architecture course series, originally developed by Dr. Scott A. Bernard, Ph.D. The course series covers all levels, from beginner to advanced:

Trained by certified instructors who are experts and practitioners with real-world experience


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LearnQuest has successfully delivered Basic, Applied, and Advanced concepts courses that helped individuals get the skills and knowledge they need to successfully implement an Enterprise Architecture initiative in the public and private sector. Students learn Enterprise Architecture concepts and best practices from certified instructors who are experts and practitioners with real-world experience in information technology management, government, military, business, and academic sectors.

Greater enterprise level agility

  • Enterprise Architecture makes it possible to transform your business, align your strategy, exceed your goals, and invest effectively in your IT.
  • The Enterprise Architecture series creates views of future state architecture that reflect the capabilities to meet tomorrow’s challenges. Students will successfully chart a course that delivers effective results, better decision making, and greater agility.
  • Gain the knowledge and skills you need to successfully implement an Enterprise Architecture initiative in your company.
  • Enroll in the Enterprise Architecture course series. The series is comprised of either three four-day courses or an accelerated 10-day boot camp.


  • Learn to integrate Enterprise Architecture standards, solution development, and business priorities in a comprehensive governance approach, from theory to implementation to program management
  • Enable business transformation, strategic alignment, and effective IT investment decisions that align with your business IT strategies
  • Create views of your company’s future state architecture that reflects the capabilities you need to meet tomorrow’s challenges
  • Attain Certified Enterprise Architecture (CEA) status and receive the designation and certificate from the International Enterprise Architecture Institute (iEAi) and LearnQuest.

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Discovery Questions

What is a Certified Enterprise Architect (CEA) Professional?

- Students who complete all three courses in the series (Basic Concepts, Applied Concepts, and Advanced Concepts), and who successfully pass the in-class exams, receive the Certified Enterprise Architect (CEA) professional designation and certificate from the International Enterprise Architecture Institute (iEAi).

What is the format of the training?

- The format of the class consists of morning lectures, discussions, and afternoon hands-on documentation workshops.

What is the Enterprise Architecture Bootcamp?

- The Enterprise Architecture Boot Camp course is an accelerated format that combines the Enterprise Architecture Basic Concepts, Enterprise Architecture Applied Concepts, and Enterprise Architecture Advanced Concepts courses into a 10-day boot camp.

Can each Enterprise Architecture courses be taken separately?

- Yes. Each course can be taken individually or as a 10-day boot camp.

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Welcome FMC-Canada!
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