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IBM Cloud Pak for Data: Administration

245 USD
6 Hours
Self-Paced Training (WBT)
IBM Business Partner

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Course Description


The course takes the learner through the journey of learning about Kubernetes and OpenShift as the platform for Cloud Pak for Data. The course focuses on the Day 2 Operations of managing the Cloud Pak for Data platform once it has been installed. The course goes through the administration of the OpenShift web console, the Cloud Pak for Data web client and the cluster, including scaling services, backup and restore, and disaster recovery. Additional Day 2 Operations include troubleshooting the components of the cluster, monitoring, and metering.  The scope of this course is the administrative capabilities of Cloud Pak for Data and the related OpenShift capabilities required to perform those functions.  For deeper learning on OpenShift administration, refer to the Red Hat OpenShift Administration course.  


NOTE: This offering is part of the Digital Learning Subscription and provides the learner with the course content as soon as they are developed. The course is divided into units, which are released as soon as they are ready allowing for immediate learning. The learner can subscribe to the course forum to be notified when a new unit is released.


• Introduction to Kubernetes and Red Hat OpenShift • Perform administration tasks in the Cloud Pak for Data web client • Perform basic administration tasks in the Red Hat OpenShift web console • Perform administration tasks on the Cloud Pak for Data Cluster • Troubleshoot Cloud Pak for Data cluster problems • Perform monitoring and metering operations on the Cloud Pak for Data cluster


Cloud Pak for Data Administrators


    Foundational knowledge of IBM Cloud Pak for Data or you have taken the IBM Cloud Pak for Data: Foundations course. 


Introduction to Kubernetes and Red Hat OpenShift 
• Describe the basic concepts of Kubernetes and OpenShift 
• Explain the overall OpenShift architecture  
• Describe the components of the architecture 
• Describe the difference between resource quotas, limits and requests 
• Identify the Day 2 Operations Perform administration tasks in the Cloud Pak for Data web client 
• Manage users, roles and permissions 
• Manage and monitor resource deployments on the cluster 
• Manage pods 
• Gather diagnostic information for troubleshooting and support 
• Manage Watson Studio environments and notebooks Perform basic administration tasks in the Red Hat OpenShift web console 
• Overview of the web console 
• Access the web console and view cluster information 
• Manage Pods 
• Manage Routes 
• Manage Nodes Perform administration tasks on the Cloud Pak for Data Cluster 
• Scale services on the cluster 
• Backup, restore, and disaster recovery operations 
• Add nodes to a cluster (OpenShift) 
• Migrate Cloud Pak for Data metadata and clusters Troubleshoot Cloud Pak for Data cluster problems 
• Verify nodes' health 
• Troubleshoot pods and image registry 
• Inspect Portworx volumes 
• Obtain utlilization metrics 
• Troubleshoot cluster operators 
• Restart OpenShift clusters Perform monitoring and metering operations on the Cloud Pak for Data cluster 
• Perform monitoring and metering operations on the OpenShift Console 
• Configure OpenShift Monitoring 
• Enable email alerts 
• Describe the Container Licencing and Licence Service 
• Audit Cloud Pak for Data

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Self-Paced Training Terms & Conditions

IBM WEB BASED TRAINING (WBT) IS SELF-DIRECTED AND SELF-PACED. Before you enroll, review the system requirements to ensure that your system meets the minimum requirements for this course. AFTER YOU ARE ENROLLED IN THIS COURSE, YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO CANCEL YOUR ENROLLMENT. You are billed for the course when you submit the enrollment form. Web Based Training courses are non-refundable. Once you purchase a Web Based Training course, you will be charged the full price.

IBM Web Based Training courses are sold on a per-user basis. WBT courses provide a training advantage for you and your teams, helping you get up to speed quickly. Take the courses you need, at your convenience and at your own pace.

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System Requirements

To participate in this course, the student workstation must meet the following hardware requirements:
  • Minimum of 256 MB of memory
  • Windows Vista or Windows 7-10 (32-bit or 64-bit edition)
  • Internet Explorer 6 or higher or Firefox ESR
  • 128-bit encryption
  • Citrix Receiver for connection to the IBM Remote Lab Platform
  • Java
  • Access to Internet with at least 128 kbps down and 128 kbps up
  • Other platforms/combinations may work but are not officially supported by IBM.


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