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ATC Terms and Conditions

The Apple Training Credit is a prepaid program that allows prepayment of funds that are converted to defined unit of credits that can be applied to training offered by LearnQuest for Apple Authorized Training.

Terms & Conditions

1. Definitions.

 "Apple Training Credit" is defined as a prepayment on account by the Customer for a specified "Apple Training Credits Period"

"Apple Training Credit Period" is defined as a one year (1 year) term that begins on date of purchase that the Apple Training Credit will remain valid.  Class Start Date must be within the twelve month period to be within the Apple Training Credit Period.  At the end of the one year period all, the Apple Training Credit will expire and any unused Apple Training Credits will be invalid.

2. Issuance.

LearnQuest will issue a Certificate of Funds Received upon verification that payment has been received.  No invoice will be provided by LearnQuest as no exchange of goods and services are involved. The LearnQuest Prepaid Training Credit will be maintained as a separate customer account balance and will be good for a period of twelve (12) months from the date of issuance.  After twelve (12) months, the LearnQuest Prepaid Training Credit will expire, and the customer will forfeit the unused balance

3. Pricing.

A. Each Apple Training Credit has a value of $100.00 USD and can be purchased as certain credit packs.

B. LearnQuest reserves the right to change pricing without notice.

C. LearnQuest reserves the right to add, remove or otherwise make changes to any product or pricing. 

D. Apple Training Credits are not available for sale or redeemable in all countries,

E. Apple Training Credits can only be redeemed in the currency and country in which they were purchased

4. Usage.

A. Each Customer must identify an Administrator of the Apple Training Credit issued to a Customer.  This person must approve of all usage of the Apple Training Credits in advance of the training to be paid or covered by the credit.  Monthly statements will be distributed to the Administrator for tracking the available balances.

B. The Customer will request that the training be covered by the Apple Training Credit, including signed authorization from the Customer administrator of the Apple Training Credit.    

C. If the Balance of funds does not cover the cost of a scheduled class, LearnQuest will invoice the Customer for the balance owed.  Any balance owed shall be paid within 30 days of receipt of outstanding balance.

5. Cancellation.

If Customer cancels a class less than 15 calendar days preceding the class start date, Customer will be responsible only for non-refundable and non-cancelable traveling expenses incurred on behalf of the Customer, and this amount will be deducted from the Prepaid Training Credits.

If LearnQuest cancels a class paid by the Prepaid Training Credits, the funds, including any transaction fees, will be returned to your account or may transfer to a rescheduled service. 

6. End of Term.

LearnQuest Prepaid Training Credit funds are valid for 12 months only. Customers must use available funds before they expire for eligible services within the specified time frame. Once LearnQuest Prepaid Training Credits funds expire, they are no longer valid. However, if LearnQuest cancels a service paid by LearnQuest Prepaid Training Credits funds, the monies may transfer to a rescheduled service beyond the expiration date of funds.

7. Miscellaneous.

All other LearnQuest Terms and Conditions listed on LearnQuest's terms and conditions page shall apply.

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